Wood Screws

Are you looking for high-quality, industrial fixings and fasteners for your woodworking project? For over a decade, we have provided a wide range of industrial supplies to Hull and the surrounding areas, offering reliable products for a multitude of wood construction projects. 

We stock a comprehensive selection of fixings and fasteners, adhesives and more for woodworking projects, including the following products:


Wood Screws

We supply a huge range of single thread woodscrews, which are ideal for use in various types of timber and man-made boards. Our solo woodscrews are available in box quantities of 100 and 200, and we offer a number of different sizes to suit your individual needs.

Alongside this, we stock twin woodscrews which are mainly used in soft timber applications and feature a sharp point for fast installation and improved thread acceptance. These screws are available with a pozi recess round head for reliable clamping or a double countersunk head for additional head strength.


Wood Bits

Our range of wood bits include the Brad Point Wood Bit – HSS and the Flat Wood Bit, both of which can be supplied in varying sizes to best suit your powertool and application. Our wood bits are available in a box quantity of 1 and are all reasonably priced from £0.73 each.


Wood Glue

For wood bonding, we stock 5LTR and 1LTR 502 Wood Glue which is an all-purpose, weatherproof resin based wood adhesive. This wood glue can be used both internally and externally for all general woodworking and joinery uses and provides a strong, impact resistant bond which cures in just 10 minutes.

We also stock Lumberjack 30 Minute Polyurethane Wood Adhesive Liquid, a brown adhesive which is designed for larger, horizonal applications where greater economy is needed. This glue sets hard in 30 minutes and conforms to EN 204. D4 strength.


Jigsaw Blades

Our powertool accessories for woodwork include a large catalogue of Bosch jigsaw blades in packs of 5.


In addition to these wood construction products, we offer an array of other industrial supplies which you can browse here. If you would like more information about our fixings and fasteners or any of the other products we have available, please do not hesitate to call our knowledgeable team on 01482 306883.