Our Best Sellers

At T&D Supplies we are experts in supplying fixings and fasteners, so we have a huge range of products and a knowledge base to match. Selling wholesale screws for the last decade means that we have seen many different types of fixings and fasteners come through our warehouse. In fact, we have so many different fixings and fasteners in stock we wanted to give you a little more insight into some of our best sellers.

Our range of coloured rivets allow two or more materials to be joined together from one side of the application, regardless of whether the materials are similar or different. With a wide variety of uses from automotive and aerospace to furniture or restoration these fixings are incredibly valuable tools. We supply rivets in a variety of colours from black to white and everything in between. If we don’t have the colour you need in stock give us a call and we’ll try and find you one that fits your exact requirements.

We also have a great range of concrete screws which are ideal for fitting window and door frames, timber beams or even metal into masonry. Suitable for use in concrete, solid or perforated brick and natural stone, these screws have a recess to reduce signs of wear so that the screwdriver will never cam-out.

We also stock a wide range of sealants which can be appropriate for both trade and DIY. Whether you need a fireproof sealant, one with superb durability or just a general-purpose sealant we have one for each and every use.

For more information about our huge range of fasteners or to help find the ideal one for your construction project give us a call on 01482 306883 or visit our product range. Our team of experts have over 60 years of knowledge and we will be happy to advise you on all aspects of your build.