Celebrating 10 Years of T&D

On December 4th 2017, T&D Supplies will be celebrating its 10th birthday. The past 10 years have flown by but we have achieved so much in this time and we’re very proud of ourselves for reaching such an impressive milestone.  

Using our extensive knowledge of construction and dedication to customer service to set us apart from the competition, it is hard to believe that we have been supplying quality fixings and fasteners for a decade.

We’ve spent the last 10 years making our customers our priority by learning about the nature of each of their companies in order to help us to better understand their requests.

By learning about the construction projects you are all undertaking we have, not only expanded our knowledge of the building industry, but we’ve got some really exciting stories to tell. Like any company, we had a few teething issues at the beginning of our journey but now we can confidently call ourselves leading suppliers of fasteners and fixings throughout Hull and East Yorkshire. We have our customers to thank for that.

Since opening in 2007, we have grown our range of fasteners extensively. We now supply sealants, drill screws, accessories and consumables with our range ever increasing. Our aim to be a one stop shop for manufacturing needs is continually growing and we are excited to see where we are in another 10 years time.

Reaching a decade in business is a huge achievement and we have both our customers and our dedicated team to thank for it. Without the hard work of our staff we would not be in this position today. It is their determination and the countless deliveries to building sites that have made us a reliable supplier and built up our reputation for quality service.

With the launch of our new website and our continually growing catalogue of fasteners the future is looking bright for T&D Supplies. Whilst we can’t pinpoint exactly where we will be in 10 years time, we know that the only way forward is to continue to grow.

In the meantime, you can view our range of quality fixings and fasteners by visiting our products page. If you need any guidance on construction and manufacturing projects give us a call on 01482 306883 and our experts will be happy to advise you.